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Becca' Bio

Becca's Bio

Rebecca Bryan-Howell is a writer of stories, songs, poetry, articles, and study materials that weave sunshine into cloudy weather, fresh air into muggy circumstances, and hidden treasures along the worn and dusty paths of Life.  The strong Christian heritage upon which her life was built taught her to face mountains with determination, walk valleys with her eyes on Jesus, and navigate stormy seas with the compass of God's eternal Word. She delights to bring light, hope, and encouragement to all who will hear the Good News of the Christ who came to lift the fallen, mend broken hearts, heal the wounded, and comfort the weary.

Gifted in Exhortation and Encouragement, Becca loves to take the common elements of the family circle, church life, the essence of friendship, or a day in the neighborhood and create something artful and inspirational that will touch the soul with delicate grace and make a lasting difference.  Any life provides writing material, but only the life where Jesus is Lord provides a Happy Ending.  You can have one, too!

Becca invites you to come with her through the Garden of Life and follow her writing into places you have never been...or have never imagined you could go.  Come along and enjoy the read!

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