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Workin' Mama Blues

One dark day, in the middle of the night,

As I slept soundly, snuggled up tight,

My body stiffened with electric shock

As the buzzer blared from my cruel clock.

With scary hair and wobbly legs,

And a stomach that said, "Don't feed me eggs,"

I rolled outa bed like one big bruise,

And tripped over somebody's mammoth shoes!

I jumped in the shower with zero grace.

The warm water felt so good on my face.

I reached for something slimy and thin...

Did I forget to buy soap again?

The slippery fragment fell to the floor,

But with soap in my eyes, I saw no more

'Til my foot found the sliver of bubbly lye,

And I went flying with a startled cry.

My day was off to a champion start:

The hair dryer sparked, and fell apart;

The blender broke in the middle of 'spin'

No smoothie today; just coffee again.

With just enough time to find my shoes,

I spied them quickly. What wonderful news!

Donning my pumps with a confident smirk,

I hopped in the car and drove to work.

On time, I smiled as I walked in.

The boss glanced down with a wicked grin,

I looked, as she snickered, "I like your shoes;"

What?? was black...and one was blue!

by Rebecca bryan-Howell

September, 2018

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